Are you headed for an early grave?

Or just pain, impotence, immobility, and senility?

Being overweight brings those things.


Luckily, you don’t have to settle for that.

There are plenty of ways to avoid that fate.

The leading causes of death continue to be heart disease and cancer. Luckily, there are countless things you can do to massively reduce your risk of getting both of those.

These simple habits also greatly increase your chances of avoiding other non fatal conditions that seem to affect more and more people every year.

So even though in the West, we’re less and less likely to die from contagious diseases, the chances of suffering from chronic health conditions from middle age onward are increasing every year.

Why is this happening? Why isn’t Western medicine helping in those areas?

It all comes down to money. There are trillions of dollars spent each year to sell you things that aren’t good for you. It’s not easy to find a path to health when that amount of money is devoted to unhealthy things like fast food, soft drinks, and processed food.

It’s not Your Fault!

There’s very little incentive for those in power to tell you the truth. They’d rather just sell you fake solutions, as it’s far more profitable. So what can you do to avoid this fate?

Luckily, there IS a solution. A natural solution that’s easy to learn, doesn’t take all day to follow, is enjoyable, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

I’m not sure if it’s for you, but if you’re willing to change your old unhealthy habits, and adopt a few new ones, it could be a good match. It’s all pretty easy to do, as long as you don’t rush.

There are a few very simple principles that help you find your own path to robust health at any age. You can learn these easily from my new course:

Robust Health At Any Age

This 3 month course has four modules, explored during a one hour call each week:

Banishing Stress

Stress is a huge killer, and it seems to be getting worse and worse. It seems unlikely we can change our societies in a hurry, and we wouldn’t want to give up our gadgets and labour saving devices. This course shares many simple ways to reduce stress. Often for no cost.

Simple Eating

Figuring out what makes sense from billions of dollars of advertising claims has never been easy. Luckily, there are a few timeless principles that allow us to find a way through it all, and make healthy eating not only easy, but also delicious and affordable.

Sustainable Fitness

More confusion! Do we need to spend hours a day doing things we don’t enjoy? Or ruin our joints running for ages on concrete? What about yoga or stretching? Again, there are many principles we can learn to help us get and stay fit in under 15 minutes a day.

Natural Living

Much of what civilisation offers is incredibly helpful. However, there are also aspects that don’t help us. e.g. noisy city living, sitting at a desk all day without moving, fast food, etc. It’s good to know there are many simple changes we can make to turn that around.

What You Get

You’ll get an hour long call each week, plus audio and video recordings, and PDF summaries of each module, so you can quickly keep track of where you are, and review it easily.

Normally, this comprehensive life long course is available for $1995.

However, as an introductory offer for the pilot program, you can get:

Lifetime Access for only $995

This includes all future updates, so you’ll be able to keep up to date with anything new.

Expensive? Not really. How much do you spend on your car every year? The excess or co payment on many private health insurance policies alone often costs $500 or more, and you have to pay that on every single claim.

And you’ll save money by not claiming as much.

That can get expensive, while the cost of this course is a one off. What you learn will improve your health for the rest of your life. Every single year.

Why Half Price?

The initial launch for this course is a small pilot, with only 40 students in total allowed to join.

Why only 40? Because I want each to be able to get individual attention in every session.

There will be two sessions per week covering the same material, so that you have two choices, on different days. If you ever get too busy, you’ll also have free recordings to watch anytime.

Assuming a rough mix of 20 people on each day, there will be time for all to ask questions.

After this half price pilot, price will go up to the usual $1995. Still a bargain if you’re not well.

Only 40 Spots Available at Half Price

I can’t give everybody individual attention with dozens on the call. So for now: only 20 students.

In other words, if you want in, at half price, sign up now. I don’t know when I’ll run the next one.

Why not? I need to use all the feedback to improve the course. If you want in, now’s the time.

A Hundred Bucks per Healthy Year of Extra Life

Recent scientific studies suggest you can get an extra ten years of life via a healthy lifestyle. That’s about $100 a year. Does that sound like a bargain? Like something you could go for? You might even do better! And of course, as you get healthier, each year is better, too.

Imagine yourself in the future: healthy, fit, energetic and attractive. How does that feel? Imagine having a wonderful relationship where your body enhanced it, rather than slowed you down. Imagine having enough energy to do whatever you want to do, and more. How does that feel?

I’ve gone through the process of digging through all the complex and conflicting claims, so you don’t have to spend decades doing the same. You can benefit from all my research.

You have Three Options

  • You can keep doing what you’ve always done, and keep getting what you’ve always got. This will probably lead to a painful decline, as most people die from either cancer or heart disease, and other not so nice things.
  • You can invest a decade or two, plus thousands of dollars, take many courses, and read dozens of books, so you can improve your health and longevity. This is a great option, but it does take some time, money and effort.
  • You can take this course: Robust Health At Any Age, and start improving your health and fitness and longevity right away. This will lead to the fastest results for you, just in case you’re running out of time and energy.

But Wait, there’s More!

Yes, I know, what a cliche that is! But in this case, it’s true. If you sign up for this course now, I’m offering a dozen bonuses to help make your journey back to robust health easier:

A free Robust Health Support Group, worth $100 per month: this is where you can network with other students doing the course. It’s a great place to find a buddy to connect with, and help keep each other accountable. I’m a middle aged man, and if you’re an older women, you might prefer connecting with another older woman in the group, rather than other middle aged men.

A free weekly Robust Health Q&A weekly live video session, worth $100 per month: as you explore this course, you’re bound to have questions about how to best integrate these ideas into your life. This weekly session will give you the chance to get those questions answered by me.

A free copy of The All You Can Eat Love Diet, my weight loss ebook, worth $47: if one of your goals is to lose weight, this book I wrote explores the issue in great detail. You can read this anytime you like, maybe even before we look into weight loss in the course.

Free Bonuses For Diet

A free Favourite Foods Healthy Upgrade Guide, worth $100: if you’re not sure exactly how to upgrade your diet after we’ve gone through those sessions, just send me a few of your favourite meals, and I’ll send you a free customised healthy version for you to replace it with. No need to go without your favourite tastes!

A free Personalised Healthy Grocery List based on your taste, worth $100: if you send me your current shopping list, I’ll send you a free customised healthy grocery list for you to replace it with. This will save you time and money in building your new healthy diet.

A free Weekly Shopping Rough Cost Estimate, worth $50: I will also send you a rough estimate of your new weekly grocery bill, assuming you shop at a regular supermarket.

A free Bargain Grocery Shopping Guide, worth $100: I’ll also send you a guide to finding bargains on your grocery shopping, so that you can save money every week.

A free Healthy Snack Guide, worth $100: snacks are a way that many people manage to blow their diets, and put on more weight without even thinking. I’ll send you a free healthy snack guide, so you can avoid this common pitfall.

A free Good and Bad Oils and Fats Guide, worth $100: eating unhealthy fats and oils is a big cause of putting on weight, and getting ill, so I’ll send you a simple guide to explain which fats and oils to use, and which to avoid, and why. Once you understand, you’ll know for life.

Free Bonuses For Exercise

A free Favourite Exercises Weekly Workout Plan, worth $100: if you’re not sure how to improve your exercise routine, tell me what you currently do, what you like, what you don’t like, and how much time you have, and I’ll send you a free customized guide to a simple exercise program that won’t take ages and ages.

A free Body Fat Tracking Report, worth $50: measuring weight on the scales isn’t reliable, as when you get healthier, you might get heavier at the start. What?! Yes: you often lose fat, but you put on extra muscle, which is a very good thing! e.g. muscle burns fat even while you sleep. But if you only measure your body weight, you might get discouraged. Luckily, there are simple ways to measure your body fat, which is far more important to keep track of.

Free Bonuses For Travel

A free Travellers Workout Guide, worth $100: travel is a common way to put on weight and forget exercise, so I’ll send you a free hotel workout guide, where you won’t even need to use the hotel gym, assuming they have one. Again, it won’t take you hours and hours.

A free Personal Accountability Guide, worth $100: it’s easy to let things go if you get distracted by life. Accountability is important, so I’ll send you a free guide on how to stay on the wagon with your new healthy lifestyle. It also works well if you lose your way for a while, and want to get back to healthy living.

How Much are all these Bonuses Worth?

Free Monthly Bonuses

  • Access to the Robust Health Support Group, worth $100 per month
  • Robust Health Q&A weekly live video session, worth $100 per month

Total: $200/month

Free Extra Bonuses

  • The All You Can Eat Love Diet, my weight loss ebook, worth $47
  • A Favourite Foods Healthy Upgrade Guide, worth $100 +
  • A Personalised Healthy Grocery List based on your taste, worth $100 +
  • A Weekly Shopping Rough Cost Estimate, worth $50 +
  • A Bargain Grocery Shopping Guide, worth $100 +
  • A Healthy Snack Guide, worth $100 +
  • A Good and Bad Oils and Fats Guide, worth $100 +
  • A Favourite Exercises Weekly Workout Plan, worth $100 +
  • A Body Fat Tracking Report, worth $50 +
  • A Travellers Workout Guide, worth $100 +
  • A Personal Accountability Guide, worth $100

Total: $947

So you get over $1000 of Free Bonuses

On top of a Half Price introductory Offer!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with your progress, and you’re regularly following the guidelines offered in the course, you’re welcome to remain a member until you are satisfied. Even if that takes you years.

So there’s no risk to signing up right now:

Why Listen to Me?

I’ve been on the same journey as you, trying to figure out how to live a healthy life without getting obsessed by it. After many false starts, I’ve found an easy way to stay fit and healthy. i.e. I’m 57, healthy and energetic, and still very fit. I’ve also studied formally, as well as practised.

The human body naturally seeks health and balance, and if we stop doing silly things like overeating processed foods and not moving our bodies, then it will return to health. Our bodies naturally deal with most challenges, the result of a very long period of evolution. If we couldn’t deal with most health challenges, we would have died out ages ago!

If you decide to sign up, then I’m sure you’ll be able to turn around your health and longevity.

Decline can be Avoided

Sure, eventually, life ends, but it doesn’t have to end in pain, impotence, immobility, and senility. The choice is ours, no matter what the latest flash noisy commercial tells you. Health is NOT found in a long list of drugs, processed foods, or fancy exercise devices.

I bet you’re a bit like me, and would rather start improving things right now, rather than let a bad situation get worse. I know that if I didn’t, I’d be kicking myself with regret if I missed out.

If not Now, then When?

If you just keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. Maybe it’s time for you to make the changes that will dramatically improve your health for the rest of your life? It’s up to you, as nobody will do it for you.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who see a chance, and let it slip away by delaying, and those who realise the value of what’s in front of them, and decide right away.

Which type are you?

An Example of Results you can get

As they say: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. And, was I ready? From Ed, I learnt the importance of eating nutrient rich food, which will nurture and heal my body. I learnt the appropriate exercise I could do without stressing my body.

Due to my new belief in optimal health, I found it so easy to give up foods and lifestyle choices which were detrimental to my body, my mental health, and my prospects for longevity.

Over the past 5 months, I so easily lost 15kgs in weight. I now feel I have a new lease on life.

I’m in my late 60s, and believe I’m a testament to anyone who thinks that it’s too late to change lifelong habits.

Thanks to Ed’s coaching, his example, and his passion for robust health at any age, I believe not only my body looks amazing, but also I feel mentally alive. I’m excited about what my future can bring. I’m ready, so bring it on!

Karin, Mandurah WA, Australia

If you’ve just Scrolled Right to the Bottom

It’s great to see that you’re so keen! However, it’s best if you go back to the top, and read about the course from top to bottom. If you’re too impatient, here’s the summary:

  • A 3 month course will help you recover Robust Health at any Age.
  • The half price special offer of $995 is only open to the first 40 people.
  • This ensures that there’s plenty of time to answer everybody’s questions.
  • If you miss out, you can join another course later, at the regular price of $1995.
  • The satisfaction guarantee ensures that there’s no risk for you to sign up now:

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just a health coach who’s spent a lifetime studying the timeless principles behind optimal health, from all over the world, throughout the ages. While there are no guarantees in life, or in health, following a few basic ideas hugely improves the odds of living a very long, healthy, vibrant and enjoyable life. I’ve gone through the process of digging through all the complex and conflicting claims, so you don’t have to spend decades doing the same. You can benefit from all my research.

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